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Mobile Self-Loading Concrete Mixer | ADDFORCE

Fritsjurgens System 3

    • Mobile self-loading concrete mixer

    • 4X4X2 concrete mixer

    • Reliable, high-performance

    • Drum capacity:5.3m³

    • Output:3.5m³


ADDFORCE Machine Co., Limited focus on the production of mobile self-loading concrete mixer. TOP RELIABILITY, easy drive, easy maintenance, Superior high temperature performance,output at any time for customers to high-quality concrete. Construction workers trusted partner.

Our motomixer work through a brutal test of Chinese construction sites. No people same as Chinese who use machine, endlessly, two drivers, one in day another in night, Chinese saying” People resting, machine work”.

So we have full confidence in our machines. We hope our motomixer produce more and better concrete for you.


Model LT3500
MIXING UNIT Drum capacity 5.3M3. Concrete output: 3.5 M3 per batch. Double mixing screws, cover for emergency unloading. Drum rotation by hydraulic motor and planetary reducers. Mixing and discharging speed indipendent from r.p.m. of diesel engine. Discharging by reversing drum. The mixing unit is slewing hydraulically through 270° for high discharge over 1.8 m to the four sides of the vehicle.
ENGINE Yuchai YC4A125Z,diesel,water-cooled,4 cylinders. Rated power 92kw/2200rpm.
TRANSMISSION Full hydraulic driving. 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering. hydraulic Pump and motor are connected to the differentials through reducer. 4X4X4
SPEED Low: 0-10km/h, high: 0-20km/h
DRIVING SEAT Front cab on side of loading shovel.
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Two circuits. 2 Plunger pumps for walk and drum rotation. 2 gear pumps for services. Inlet and outlet filter. Heat exchanger water/oil-air type.
JOYMIX All hydraulic functions of shovel controlled by a single - fully servo controlled Joystick.
LOADING SHOVEL Capacity 650 liters, complete with hydraulic opening gate.
CHUTE Slewing. Fitted with two pins easily detachable to increase the discharge height.
WATER SYSTEM Self-contained. Hydraulic driven water pump, water meter. High pressure water pump & washing gun
GRADIENT Fully loaded 30%
BRAKES Hydraulic brakes,Twin indipendent circuits. Hydraulic parking brake
TYRES Construction tyres 16/70-20.
STEERING Hydraulic. 3 way steering.
ELECTRIC SYSTEM 24V. Safety battery cut-off.
TANKS Water: 2x350 liters. Diesel: 165 liters. Hydraulic oil: 150 liters.
CHASSIS Steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS Long: 7.2M width 2.5M high: 3.3M
WEIGHT 8600kgs, equally distributed on both axles
SAFETY Machine equipped with checking and block valves for maximum safety of the operator.
MEASURING SYSTEM Electronic weating system