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Deck Plates Duckshin Housing

    The SPEED DECK is a product that has perfectly complemented the defects (corrosion problem due to exposure of welding points) that the existing integrated deck had. In addition, the safeness of structures has been secured by introducing cutting-edge equipment that can freely adjust the pitch cutting of truss connections uniquely in Korea.

  • ADVANTAGES: High Quality

    Custom-built wire truss keeps regular intervals of bar arrangement. Main bar is fixed to lattice structure so that covering depth is constant with unnecessary fireproofing protection.

  • Cost Reduction

    Unnecessary support or mold for construction and unnecessary fireproofing protection due to lower sheath.

  • Construction Time

    Faster construction process due to welding, assembling and delivering wires in accordance with structure design.

  • Diversity

    Available for any structures including iron frames and reinforced concrete frames and possible to change existing structures to Speed Deck structures.


Since established in 1980, Duckshin Housing has focused on the quality innovation and technical development of deck plates only. Having completed the best deck plate technology in the world with advanced technology and advanced thinking, Duckshin Housing now starts a powerful jump toward the best in the world beyond the first in Korea. It is Duckshin Housing that is an enterprise being a pride of Korea and is an enterprise making the global standard in building materials.

Leading the construction of future cities with the most advanced technology, Duckshin Housing is leading a change of the world while raising the stability of the global cutting-edge buildings through a systematic production process and a perfect construction process. There is Duckshin Housing at the center connecting the world and the human and at the center connecting the technology and the environment.