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Rhenocoll Global Coatings and Adhesives for Roof, Floor and Wall | RHENOCOLL | FCS Construction Solutions

Rhenocoll Global Coatings and Adhesives for Roof, Floor and Wall

    Requests from industrial customers lead to new actions – Challenges lead to solutions! Rhenocoll manufactures special coatings for parking garages, garage and industrial floors, decorative floor coatings like “stone floor” and “modern floor”. “Anti-Graffiti” protects facades and sculptures from every day grim and malicious vandalism. “Dachhaut” gives your roof a second “skin” and can also reflect the heat.


    Product system by Rhenocoll for all surfaces: Decorative wall design for rooms, Toscana effects, Marble effects, Special paints for hotels, The fast “1-2-3-go”, Antibac for hospitals, For moisture-prone areas in the food production. Rhenocoll can also adjust your paint with your favorite smell (a hint of pleasantly subtle fragrance), offer environmental-friendly façade paint with UV-protection and products with lotus effect which makes cleaning as easy as never before.


    Coatings for wood and steel which protects from fire and helps to safe lives in case of fire. Extensively tested systems provide a high level of fire retardant protection to all manner of wood, steel and concrete surfaces.


    Durable connections are made by adhesion and cohesion. The chemistry of adherence is to have these two parameters involved. Our products agglutinate wood or wood compounds with stone or metal which evolves into parts for the furniture construction or into a noble parquet floor. The development of wood glues for airplane propellers was a mile stone - the first “intelligent” glue for wooden windows, Propellerleim Protect.


    Several decades of experience in a variety of climates has helped Rhenocoll to achieve the best durability and the best protection for exterior wood. Various coating structures for different wood types guarantee a durable protection and let the natural wood breathe. We offer chemical wood protection, oils, water-based paints and natural wax coatings.


    The first water-based coatings for PVC-profiles were developed and introduced by Rhenocoll in 1985 – thereby, the patterns were set. Today, PVC-coatings are available in 180 colors according to internationally standardized RAL-tones. Furthermore a wide range of specially prepared tones and finishes are also available including an exciting range of metallic effects.


    The treatment of glass has always been a challenge. Previous methods for glass design are complex. Whilst varnishes for glass may be common, until now most have been highly toxic and unpleasant to use. Rhenocoll has developed the first waterbased glass varnish. Exciting new designer finishes can be achieved. Opaque, transparent or, with special metallic effects even IR-reflective coating is an option.


    A special challenge of wood protection is the treatment of windows and doors. Durability and functionality demand a special coating system and complementary products. For that purpose, standards and tests were developed in Germany and the rest of Europe. Rhenocoll belongs to the pioneers of waterbased coatings and systems and are responsible for setting many international benchmarks.


    Furniture reflects the time spirit – the surface is responsible for the customer acceptance. Since many years, Rhenocoll have been producing waterbased varnish systems for furniture and naturally based wax coatings – also for wooden toys. Durable varnishes for parquet and stairs, for sports facilities and sports equipment and shipbuilding.

RHENOCOLL | Tradition and Expertise

The company Rhenocoll was founded in 1948 by Mr. Günter Zimmermann and is now the property of Mr. Werner Zimmermann - the second generation. Rhenocoll has two German based production facilities, the first in Mannheim and more recently a second in Konken. In the beginning, wood glues were being produced. However, as the demand for high quality lacquers and paints became more evident, Rhenocoll expanded into the production of specialized timber protection systems. Further development saw furniture varnishes, wall and façade paints and highly advanced window coating systems added to the Rhenocoll range. High quality, durability and environment-friendliness are our guiding themes.

In 2002, the “Competenz-Centrum” in Konken was initiated where Research & Development, technical engineering, retraining and the Rhenocoll-Academy are consolidated. Custom built laboratory rooms were constructed to facilitate the on going research and product development. The Application Technology Centre houses complete, state of the art, industrial coating machines specifically set up for demonstration and training purposes. Customers can be trained theoretically and practically. The Rhenocoll-Academy offers highly professional expert training seminars and advanced training. Our activities have been recognized for the benefits to our industry and Rhenocoll has been honored with various awards and even profiled on local TV. The most recent awards bestowed upon Rhenocoll were the Innovation Prize in 2005 and again in 2009 presented to our company by the Minister for Economic Affairs and a Commendation by the German Federal President in 2007.



The first water-based coatings for PVC-profiles were developed and introduced by Rhenocoll in 1985 – thereby, the patterns were set.Today, PVC-coatings are available in 180 colors according to internationally standardized RAL-tones. Furthermore a wide range of specially prepared tones and finishes are also available including an exciting range of metallic effects. Whilst primarily developed for the coating of uPVC window profiles, ensuring superior weatherability, Rhenoplast has applications for interior and renovation use. Comprehensive tests guarantee that the products can be used on all continents, under all climatic conditions.


Rhenocoll belongs to the pioneers of water-based coatings and systems for wooden windows and doors, as well as wooden houses and construction elements.

Specially developed for industrial and manual processing, we guarantee cost-effectiveness in your production and offer unlimited design options through a variety of translucent, transparent wood shades as well as opaque color tone coatings.


The first water-based and environmentally friendly varnish suitable especially for aluminum, but also for other kinds of metal. It acts anticorrosive and offers a decorative protection for components. RHENOMETAL is a one-component-varnish, which can be applied directly to aluminum and steel without primer.


Rhenocoll wood glues and adhesives bond wood and wood composites, as well as these products bond wood with stone and metal. We offer liquid and powdery adhesives for all kinds of strength categories (D1 – D4) made of urea-formaldehyde, polyurethane, and PVAc, as well as hot melts. Areas of application are the artisanal and industrial production, for example, the furniture manufacturing, interior construction or the production of structural components and windows. The development of wood glues for aircraft propellers had been a milestone in our company history, as well as the development of the first „smart“ adhesive for wooden windows named Propellerleim Protect.


Exposed concrete is an essential design element in modern architecture. But concrete is a construction material which is not easy to be controlled. Together with the innovative products of the Swiss company Synfola, we succeeded to achieve a high-tech concrete repair. Most commonly available systems use varnishes and coatings for the visible area, which changes the natural characteristic of concrete.


Transparent and opaque varnishes for interior glass coating or coatings within the façade, for surfaces not exposed to weather. Before the technique to coat glass used to be time-consuming and costly, a cost-effective application offers the paintwork with a remarkable variety. Rhenocoll developed the first water-based glass varnish, environmentally friendly and very durable. New design opportunities, opaque and transparent, including special effects like metallic coating, IR-reflecting, and sight protection are possible.


RHENOMORS is a term for modern coatings in fire protection. Previously conventional systems are either not environmentally friendly or not really decorative. Our transparent coatings allow the wood to appear natural, whereby a wide variety of color shades is possible in the opaque and colored area.


For us, building protection means: protecting surfaces against weather and the environment and guaranteeing living comfort and durability. For this, we have developed different products that offer optimized protection. We distinguish between substrates such as wood, aluminum, steel, glass and uPVC, stone, plaster, concrete, ceramics and modern composites. Our different colors and coatings are suitable for applications with a brush, roller or spray gun, in new constructions and renovations.